Rainbow Locs of Love

Hair Studio, LLC

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Made from 100% human hair. Call or visit StyleSeat.com/stylistforu336 for starting prices and hair deposit info and more pics


1. How long will it take for install?

It can take anywhere for 8 hours and as many as 24 hours or more depending on desired look.

2. Will you be able to tell they're fake?

My technique and desire as a stylist is to  make them look as natural looking as possible. I layer them so them look the exact way someone would have grown them out. I have done these on hundreds or more people around the world.

I never have and never will use the following:

1) glue

2) synthetic hair

3) thread

You have my word. I’ve been asked if I use any of these items and the answer is absolutely not. I’ve been using the same technique for years before it was popular. 

3. Why is this service so expensive?

It's a upscale service, and simply put...YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. 

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