Rainbow Locs of Love

Hair Studio, LLC

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*Starter Locs

*Crochet Braids

*Sew Ins


* Interlocks are a style of locks started and maintained with a latch hook/crochet needle, similar to the Sisterlocks technique. The hair is sectioned into small to medium size, and then the locs are created with a latch hook.****

Installation normally takes 3-10 hours

Retightening normally takes 30 minutes-2hours


* Brazilian Knot Extensions

*Braid and Twist -

*Pipe Cleaners Set

*Crinkle Set

*Human Hair Dreadlocks  Extensions

*Double Strand Twists

* Shampoo and Retwist 


*Microlocks Installation

* Sister Locks

* Cold Fuse Extensions, micro link fushion extensions 

 *Starter Locs

*Crochet Braids


* Weaves


* Tape Extensions, 

and much more

*Blowouts and more


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